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you know it

I have a lot to say, but considering that 99% of my friends have a myspace a not a livejournal, im going to make my posts there from now on. Ill throw shit on here once in a while, but just letting anyone that reads this know. Its on the blog now bitches.



So, I haven't really posted real info. in a long time. Nothing really has been going on. I guess that Matt and Melinda broke up. Which Kevin and I both kinda saw comming. Matt says that my PS2 is still in the apartment somwhere, but they think that she took it. Oh well. I don't really care as long as I get the damn thing back. Matt's working at primo's now. He's lucky. He's going to make a lot of money out there, i remember those days. Speaking of Jet's, I actually came up with the nerve to Email Amy and ask her for my job back. Didnt hear anything. Im sure she confronted bob and that was a big fat NO. lol. Anyway...

Kevin and I are broken up. It's been rough. I just need time to myself to figure things out. He doesn't understand that and says it's some stupid girly cop out. Cop out for what? I don't care what he thinks, this is how I feel and it's what I want. We're trying to be friends but it's not going very well. I guess only time will tell what happens between me and him. He's been hanging out with "friends from work" latley, which isnt like him at all. Which leads me to the conclusion that he's met some sort of girl. He's a damn good liar, and I wouldn't put it past him.

I've had a few jobs here and there. I worked at Big Boy for a day. I had planned on staying but the only shift they had open for me was the 5am opener. Sorry, but thats NOT going to work lol. After that I went a few weeks with out working again, and struck luck at leo's coney island up by meijer. This was like, the easiest job evern, except the money sucks. Today i got my credit card bill. 1st financial I owe $4000 dollars. On chase I owe them $1000, I owe TCF bank $150, and my car insurance is due at the end of th month which is another $120. Oh, and not to mention about another $100 for new plates and liscence for before I turn 21. Im not excited at all. I really want to have a big party, but im just not motivated. Alot of shits been going down. I'm usualy a vibrant and happy person, but i guess everyone gets shot down and some point. Well, I'll take my dad;s advice. Shit happens. I have to look at the good things. I have awesome friends. I just got a new job at Mongolian bbq. I have my health, I have a nice car, a warm bed to sleep in. Yea so school isn't going so great (at the moment) and i owe some debt. These are things that can be fixed. It may take some time but it can be done.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing. Justin's going to call me when he gets up, and Im going to force myself to do homework at his house. Maybe some more frisbee golf.. well no.... Im wayyy too cute for that. lol



How come some of my entries arn't poping up? Hmm. Not like anyone reads my stuff anyway. Everyone I know has damn myspace, but not live journal. Well, maybe that's a good thing. I'm really obsessed with this movie, I want this guy to by my boyfriend. Why can't he really exist?

Damn you Natalie Protman.


It's been a while. Matt got a apartment so that's were i spend most of my time now. It's pretty cool. We just watch movies and hang out mostly. The boys will make bombs and blow them up and cause trouble. pfffft yea thats matt kevin and chad for you.

Winter semester is over, but im taking spring online. which is a BITCH. Note to who ever you are reading this : Dont take spring classes because its only 7 weeks and they just pile you with work. SUCKS ASS! I should be at Wayne State next year if everything goes well. Ive also decided to take up Real Estate. I have a few books and what not and if its something that really interest me then im going to take up some classes and become a real estate agent. Thats some serious cash. Lots of paper work but im up for it. Plus, its something relaly good to fall back on incase sound and acting doesnt fall through. So atleast I have a plan.

I should be working soon. I called in to this resturant down town called Small Plates. I know the previous owner and things are looking good. i should be starting down there soon. Kevin cant find anything but a damn delievery job. Fucking sucks. He can do so much better then that.

Other then that, nothing really going on. Since I havent been working since the winter when i got laid off at jets, ive just been laying low really. No money = nothing to do. So there.

Alright, well Im at matts, and i think we're going to watch V for Vendetta. Fucking awesome movie. ALright...


Happy Easter!

I don't really have much to say. But since I have my brother's lap top in my lap i might as well take advantage of it. Today is Easter, and it was nice. Went to this Easter play with Kevin, my mom, aunt, jeff, jenny. It was nice. I don't really feel like typing out all my thoughts on the "modern church" I already explained it to a friend last night online. But anyway.  Today we went to mass and went by Kevin's gandma's house. I love grandmas they are so cute. lol. Everyone had a issue with how "skinny" i am when I came over to jeff's for dinner. My dad said "yea, and i found a can of slim fast in her car" Hmmm. I dunno, I guess I don't see what they see when I look in the mirror. Its probably because im tall. oh well. Not working yet, but I need to. Damn, I like sleeping in until 2 pm :P But okay, Im gonna head out. Peace

Happy Easter

Hello there

Yea. It's been a while. Seems like it's always been a while. I never really write because I never really have anything to write about. Same old shit. A few things have changed but not much. I quit jet's. I couldnt take it anymore and neither could my car. I got a new job at outback from some new friends that I made. Yes, i have a new group of friends, which I just adore. I'm going to try my best not to fuck things up this time. It's mostly guys, whish is better. Girls just find things to bitch about and all they do is complain. Guys actually wanna have fun.. so there.

Hmm what else. I am sad to say that my boyfriend's mother passed away. SHe lost her battle with cancer. IT's been a rough ride these past couple months sicne it happend, but I'm there for him and need to understand that these mood swings and anger issues he's developed have probably sparked from there. Other then that I'd say he's doing an awesome job. He knows that he has people that care about him and that are they for him. Thanks to matt, lonnie, melinda,my brother, jenny, my dad and mom, matt's parents for attending the funeral. It ment a lot. 

School is okay I guess. Not really anything to report there. I should be outta scraft in a year or 2.

I recently took a trip to Arizona for spring break with Kevin to visit my brother. I  had a blast. Mostly because all the things that were running around my head had left for those few days. I needed a break. But i've been thinking about a perminant one. There's so many things here that I'm trying to deal with that I just want away from.  I know this sounds like a suicide attempt, but it's not lol. Just that when I move, i want it to be far. I want away from all the things that I can't get away from. Things that I know I should probably stay away from but my head tells me to give in. 

::: sighs :::::

I know Im usually a happy camper, but lately I've just been doing nothing but thinking about everything. My mom says it's because im not working and i have nothing else to do but think. think about all the bad things. I don't know. 

There's other things too, but too personal for the internet. 

What's a girl gonnna do.

Im out

long time no see?

Well, i havent updated in a really really long time. you can tell that i really dont anymore. i think ive mentioned this before, but i use my blog more often now on myspace, just beause i have more friends there. so to get the real juice, re locate there. But here's the run down:

-right now im at jeffs, he was kinda enough to let me use his house for my x-mas party. me, eric, big sur, mary, katie, matt, melinda, kevin. it was fun. i have some down time right now to write. every one is wii'ing it up.

-school is back on track. i brought my grades up, and will be getting my f.aid back. 

-Things with Kevin and I are going pretty well. Im not going to sit here and think about the past. shit happend, and we just have to work through it. Im pretty content where im at with him, no real complaints. cept for a few things but i wont get into that here.

-big plans for sound. wanting to start a tour in in the spring. we need to get the business going, i want to make this part of my career somehow.

-x-mas is in like, 3 days? i completly busted my credit card on x-mas gifts. shouldnt have, but i did. 

-work sucks, no hours

-I hope that this new year brings much better things for me. So since i probably won't be updaing before then, merry christmas and happy new year 2 u.

love.. heh

I feel like i need to update, because it's been foreveer. Nothing really happening. THanksgiving was nice. Now comes Christmas. IT's going to suck this year, I can just tell. 

There's other things, but nothing that needs to be put out into public. Thank you to my friends for being there for me. 

<3 trace



How 'bout "Devil wears fubu"

I feel like I should update, so here it is:

Work is work. Kevin bitches, but I don't care, it's a job and it's more then what I'd be making anywhere else. I met the new girl that came back.I'm not going to say her name, but it's funny, because every single person in that store does not like her. Kenny and I ganged up on her about her going to the "atreyou" concert. We were like "um, we don't listen to screamo stuff" I told her I how did sound for that Devil wears prada band and she was pissed hahahah.

Speaking of sound, Kevin and I did a show at Schoolcraft tonight. It was fun, cept for the fags screwing around with out board. This guy came up to kevin and was like "um, yea i do sound for the sucicde machines so im doing sound for these guys" ......ummm. ok, sure NO?!?!?! Why don't you get the fuck out and go do sound for your fagget ass band then? If your so big and cool what the fuck are you doing trying to run sound for a college concert in a fucking basement? GO HOME lol. I was playing warrent's "uncle tom's cabbin" which is a sweet song, and this fag comes up to me and says "okay, im done listening to these 80's fags" ......................... are you serious. I never blew up at someone like I did tonight. I turned around, walked up to him, looked him straight in the eye and said 

"fag? wait a minute, who's the one wearing a pair of girl pants? Now who's the fag"

this queer turned around and walked away. 


Kevin and I couldn't just get away from retards tonight. We went up to rams horn to relax after work and the show, and walks in a bunch of punk kids and preppy loud bitches. We just left. We couldnt take it. lol Speaking of eating, my tounge piecring is doing good. I can actually eat now :)

But anwaya. talked to Mary today. My party is next week, and we are totall planning a frankenmuth ( murdered that one) for december. Since I got my new car, everything's been cool. I love my Focus, it's amazing. I want to get the name on the plate to say "T-Boi" hahahah. 

SOOOO with that said, I probably won't update before halloween, so Happy Halloween to everyone.